DARC OV C-14 / Rosenheim

DARC OV C-14 / Rosenheim



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Von DL8MEW | 5.November 2014

Hallo Funkfreunde,

unsere Kassiererin Brigitte, DE3BWR und Ihr Mann (unser QSL-Manager)
Heli, DD0VR sind nicht mit der OV-Kasse durchgebrannt, sondern im
wohlverdienten Urlaub.

Unter dem Rufzeichen S79VR ist Heli auf Kurzwelle zu hören.

Hier noch Grüße an den Ortsverband (ein Auszug aus einer email):

Hallo to all ! We are landed in Mahe yesterday evening and take our rented car , the girl on the counter give a liitle bit longer car ,when she see our baggage ,hi hi . After we 4 test to come in the car and drive away ,she know´s how many ideas we must have to load all inside….. Now we are here and on the pool I install the new to test antenna from www.hyendefed.nl .The SWR is fantastic , but after first test with around 7 watts in the KX3 goes back to 5 watts and I don´t find the failore . After I controlled all details I find a powerline socket it work and work not in the same moment . So I take a folded paper to fixed it in the working position . Yesterday I work so 79 stations around the world , but only north to south positions from here , because behind me are high mountains in east positions . So I cant work Japan and east yet. When we come after Praslin and la Digue again to Mahe we on th other side of the island in pension and I hope to work than this directions . Some nice US stations comes weak in the log from the east side . This night I will go with 5 watts in CW to the EU and US and write in the qrp 4state site when i´m active , look in .When not activitiy I write in the DX-summit.fi .Best regards to all and especially to Jan DM1JAN in Equador and Klaus in Bavaria and all C14´ers. Ciao , Ciao de Heli S79VR/ DD0VR and Bigi DE3BWR , Petra and Didi our travel partners .

Noch einen schönen Urlaub!

Klaus DL8MEW

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2 Kommentare to “S79VR”

  1. Michael meint:
    5.November 2014 at 13:59

    da schau an ….

  2. Waldheini meint:
    5.November 2014 at 14:22

    ja und er ruft auch immer im pile-up nach C14 und qrp- Stationen!
    Ich bau jetzt eine gestockte Rhombus und versuchs mal!