DARC OV C-14 / Rosenheim

DARC OV C-14 / Rosenheim



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Swakopmund and more (neues von der durchgebrannten Kasse)

Von DL8MEW | 22.Dezember 2015

Hi Bernie ! Hi Pasquale ! Hi Klaus ! Regards to all . After we arrived in
Swakopmund I build my 12,5m endfed Vertical 4kW from Ron
www.hyendcompany.nl on the municipal bungalow place near by nr.14 and
was very lucky over this antenna . Very selectable by all qso´s
and 0 noise from the powerlines around . I made in 3 nights over
400 qso around the world . Many I from Europe and W from Westcoast
to Eastcoast comes in log . The Net is not present on this place and
I thank the stations from ZA I´m working put me
in the cluster .D was rare and Japan comes only 53 , because
there was a building in this direction. Now we are near Soussousvlei via
Gravelroads 280Km !!! with a normally car !!! Renault Capture in Namib
Desert Lodge and have a slow Net . Hope to be again activ in next time .
Visit also our club site www.charly14.de . Viele Grüße an Alle von uns .

Habe auch eine Station Nahe Erding gearbeitet . Frohe Weihnachten und
Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr von Bigi und Heli !

Ciao Ciao from here to all , Merry Christmas and Happy new Year !
73/72/55 de Heli V5/DD0VR , 7P8VR ( 5.1.-8.1.2016 )

QSP de
Klaus, DL8MEW

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